R. Kelly Is A 'Genius' In The Sack, And He Doesn't Care Who Knows It

R. Kelly is a "Genius" in the sack.

R. Kelly is a "Genius" in bed. But you already knew that.

One might think that a record called "Genius" would be dedicated to a computer nerd who aced the LSAT. But then again, a record called "Genius" sung by R. Kelly is a totally different beast. Because when R. Kelly refers to himself as a "Genius," he obviously means that he's a damn ACE IN THE SACK! Sexual IQ off the heezy! Professional baby-maker! And sure, while that's certainly not the kind of genius who can fix your broken iPad, it IS the kind of genius who can strip a woman down to her lace La Perlas in 10 seconds flat.

Listen to R. Kelly's "Genius" after the jump.

The epitome of a "slow jam," "Genius" is rooted in a steamy, sultry, light-the-candles-and-pour-the-wine beat. As soft drums kick in, the "My Story" crooner coos about being so mutually in lust with his lady, it's hard to come up for air when they're doing the "nighttime activities": "We're both so freakin' hot/ We don’t wanna freakin' stop/ Got each other like la la la la, babe."

Later, R. Kelly explains his technique for endurance(!): "Go to sleep/ And when we wake up/ Imma hit that thing again/ Promise." #SHVITZ

And there you have it! Straight from the professional's mouth! SLEEP is the key to good sex. And also maybe sleeping in 90,000 bajillion thread count Pratesi sheets that only someone as rich and famous as R. Kelly could afford. Either way, listen and learn, friends. LISTEN AND LEARN. (And look out for "Genius" on R. Kelly's Black Panties, dropping Nov. 11.)

+ Listen to R. Kelly's "Genius."

Photo credit: RCA Records