Zendaya, Charlie Brown, Katy B + More: 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week

It's Tuesday! Time for another round of "5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week"!

This week's roundup features yet another solid serving of urban pop from one of the year's most exciting new pop princesses, a space-age dream team rock collaboration, and some lush dance tunes from across the pond. Let's go!

Check out this week's 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs of the Week!

1.) Zendaya, "Butterflies"

OK, so it's officially official: Zendaya's self-titled debut album is one of the best-kept pop secrets of the year. Seriously, every song, including this summer's "Replay," is a certifiable smash! If you're in the market for some slickly crafted urban pop, then the reigning leader of the Zswaggers has you covered. (And if you're not in that market, then what market are you even in?!)

Take, for instance, "Butterflies," a fierce slice of emotional self-doubt in which Princess Z declares "I don't want to say forever, it's just another now or never./ So, heart, don't let me trust these butterflies" before leading into a killer, stuttering post-chorus dance break. Grab your dancing shoes, and dance, butterfly, dance!


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2.) Charlie Brown, "Bones"

Let's get it out of the way now: Yes, his name really is Charlie Brown. The London-based singer-songwriter has been making inroads into the biz for years now, having already collaborated with acts like Misha B, Tinchy Stryder, and Professor Green. Now, as a solo artist, Charlie's making waves with his brand-new single "Bones," due out in October.

The tender, piano-tinged track quickly shifts from desolate ballad to full-on banger as Charlie croons: "I'm starting to feel like you can heal these broken bones." Full of The Wanted-like arena-size chants and big synthesized pulses, there's really no reason why Charlie can't break out as a superstar in his own right.


3.) Katy B, "5AM"

Katy B, the purveyor of all things amazing dance-pop, has been slipping in under the radar over the past few years with her throbbing dance floor offerings. "5AM," Katy's newest single, provides a dark, killer four-to-the-floor throb as she desperately seeks some sedation: "I need somebody to calm me down/ A little loving like Valium," she coos. A grand romance over chemical fix? Yeah, we've got to support that habit too.

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4.) Luxury, "J.A.W.S."

Luxury hit the jackpot recently when U.K. alt-dance duo Disclosure gave the rising British producer's new tune, "J.A.W.S.," their formal seal of approval -- and when Disclosure approves, we listen.

Blending infectiously springy rhythms with throwback '90s house sound (typical Disclosure!), the cracking, throbbing track plays like a sweet, sweet love letter to the dance floor. Vocals are reduced to a few coos and short melodies along the way, allowing the track's euphoric energy to speak for itself.

+ Listen to LUXURY'S "J.A.W.S."

5.) The Killers, "Shot At The Night"

Talk about a dream team collaboration! To celebrate a full decade in the industry (we're all old, what else is new?), the new wave revivalists of The Killers teamed up with M83's Anthony Gonzalez to craft "Shot At The Night," a new track for their upcoming greatest hits album, Direct Hits.

The result is a dreamy, space-age production that sends frontman Brandon Flowers' vocals floating across lush sonic waves. "Give me a shot at the night/ Give me a moment, some kinda mysterious," he cries out above a chorus that's big enough to fill any '80s rock ballad. It's part cinematic, part arena-rock anthem -- and entirely essential.


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