Harry Styles Likes American Football, And He's Not Afraid To Wear A Jersey Or A Cheese Hat! (PHOTOS)

Who knew One Direction's Harry Styles was an American football fan?

Yo, Harry Styles! Don't you know that being a real football fan means wearing tight pants? Oh, wait...

As a proud Wisconsin native/cheesehead myself (#SorryNotSorry), I can tell you that there is nothing sexier than a person wearing a fake dairy hat. So the fact that One Direction's Harry Styles recently celebrated the start of football season by cheering on the Green Bay Packers against the San Francisco 49ers (alongside a fellow cheesehead) basically means that I'm #DYING.

Posting his football fondness to Instagram, Harry simply captioned, "Packers." We know what you're thinking: "Wait, this U.K. boy bander made pizza with model Cindy Crawford's kids AND watched American football?!!? How un-British!" But we say, "WHO CARES!" We're allowed to be Anglophiles across the pond (and WE ARE), so why shouldn't Harry show his support for all things American? (Like us, for example?)

Check out more of Harry Styles' Packer paraphernalia after the jump!

Harry Styles' football jersey

Harry's good old number 57.  Like the ketchup!

In case you were still harboring any doubt that "The Best Song Ever" singer's football watching isn't enough proof that he's gone full-on Yankee, Harry took things a step further by tweeting a pic of his customized "Styles" Packers jersey! (Yes, embracing American pride does mean screaming at the TV while wearing/sleeping in your team of choice's jersey.)

OK, so maybe we're being a little dramatic about Harry's British-to-American culture shift: If you look at things objectively, Harry's not REALLY cheating on the U.K. -- everyone knows that British football is nothing like American football, and American soccer isn't even close to British soccer... or something. Well, we don't know... We're not sports buffs, GAWD!!! All we DO know is that watching Harry be an avid football fan is a total home run! (Or whatever they say in football.)

Photo credit: Harry Styles' Instagram/Twitter