Brace Yourself: Paris Hilton’s Wearing Almost Nothing For No Reason. That Must Mean A Video’s On The Way! (PHOTOS)

“…That’s hot.”

So, even though it’s, like, a proven fact that the gods are crazy, we’re pretty sure that there’s a reason behind Paris Hilton flooding her Instagram feed with semi-clothed selfies. Upon further investigation (i.e. READING THE CAPTIONS), we learned that Heiress Paris is not only on set filming the video for her upcoming single, “Good Time,” but that she’s gonna release said clip on Oct. 1!

Before we rush into this, we know what we must do. Let’s all heed the wise words of our friend Bradley Stern (aka MuuMuse) and “STOP YOUR ENTIRE LIFE AND SANASA.” Ahem… SANASA! SANASA! SANASA-SA! SANASAAAAA! That’s better. Let’s move on.

Check out more photos of Paris Hilton on the set of “Good Time” after the jump.

Thankfully, there don’t appear to be any hungry tigers on set (unlike the one in Katy Perry’s “Roar” video), because Paris only deserves the most optimal of work environments — like, she’s responsible for two of my perennial fave tracks! #RealTalk, “Stars Are Blind”?

And “Screwed” has literally wormed its way onto my “SUMMA JAMM” playlist at least four out of the last six years. Will Hilton’s forthcoming Young Money Cash Money Billionaires-collaborated “Good Time” join their ranks? WE SHALL SEE.

Sometimes it’s hard to tweet, because people don’t respect your privacy. #TheTruthAboutDiamonds #WaitThatsNicole

Paris sees BeyoncĂ©’s 27 stage fans, and raises her a jet-powered propeller.

Would love it if the Paris Hilton/ Brenda “Welcome to my house!” Dickson singularity is near.

Photo credit: Paris Hilton’s Instagram/ GIF:

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