New Video: Ellie Goulding + BURNS, 'Midas Touch'

Watch Ellie Goulding's "Midas Touch" video.

Ellie Goulding's new video is pure gold.

Everything electro-pop goddess Ellie Goulding touches turns to gold, so it's no wonder her latest is dubbed "Midas Touch." The singer's new video -- for a cover of a Midnight Star track -- is an animated, 3D effort that captures a metallic woman breathed into life. But our golden girl finds that existence ain't easy: She loses an arm and fights her own body's spastic chaos before reaching her man. Even then, a kiss isn't enough to save her. It's a sad ending for a video that remembers the myth of King Midas ended badly, too. (Pro-tip: magical transformation powers are cool until you can't touch your family. Ask Rogue from X-Men!)

Watch Ellie Goulding's "Midas Touch" video.

But when it comes to the music, "Midas Touch" is more hopeful: It spins the myth around, making it about letting someone else's magic reach you. "It's time that you've opened open to love," Goulding sings. "'Cause if you don't ever try, then baby, you may never see."

The song comes with Goulding's now-signature sound, beat-driven and fierce -- if a little darker than usual thanks to reverb-heavy production by BURNS. "Midas Touch" is a bonus cut on Halcyon Days, Goulding's extras-packed Halcyon reboot, which is out today (yes!) with an album's worth of new tracks.

+ Watch Ellie Goulding's "Midas Touch" video.

Photo credit: Polydor