Who’s Austin Mahone’s Newest Mahomie? The VMA Kaws Moonman! (VIDEO)

Austin Mahone, meet the VMA Moonman. Maaaaaaybe you’ll chill again tomorrow night?

While most of us are (no judgements, k?) still waking up this fine Saturday (YOU SAID NO JUDGEMENTS), Austin Mahone has already wrapped a pretty heavy day of performing. Earlier today, the VMA red carpet pre-show headliner hit up Brooklyn’s iconic summer spot, Coney Island, to rock his VMA Pop-Up Tour concert and, by the looks of the photo up top, visualize VMA success with his main Moonman Mahomie.

By posing next to the Kaws-redesigned statue — which, by the way will make a BIG appearance at the VMAs in the form of a 60-foot Kaws Moonman in the middle of the VMA set at Barclays — is the “Magik 2.0” singer trying to lock down his potential Artist To Watch win tomorrow night by practicing positive thinking and affirmative visualization? Does this mean that Austin’s the newest youth ambassador for “The Secret”?? Is this pic a thumb tack away from getting pinned to his VMA vision board?!?! (Definitely our  vision board.) OK, we’ve got to stop reading so much into this photo — that’s how rumors get started! In other news, Austin Mahone just proposed to us. You heard it here first! #JK #OrAreWe

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“Are you not entertained?!” Yes, Austin, BEYOND.

Awwww, he even posed with some Mahomies in the audience!

Austin’s ready for his VMA pre-show performance, are you?

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