Miley Cyrus' Instagram Pro Tip Is MORE TONGUE At VMA Rehearsals (VIDEO)

Because even The Little Engine That Could (Twerk) needs a break from booty-popping once in a while, Miley Cyrus took five from her VMA rehearsals to meet up with the All Access livestream to talk Bangerz, Boo, and ba-how to take the perfect selfie. See? We made it ba-work.

As ardent followers of the "We Can't Stop" singer's social media handles, we were honestly shuh-hocked that her answer was multi-stepped. Like, just look at her past Instagrammed perfection! Didn't you think her "Flawless Selfie How-To" just consisted of: Step 1.) Just be Miley. Step 2.) END OF STEPS. Even more insane is that Miley thinks she's quote "the worst" at taking selfies. GIRL, LOOK AT YOUR #NOFILTER SELF. Well, at least she breaks it down for the rest of us!

Get Miley's perfect selfie how-to, plus VMA performance details, Bangerz info, and a Boo update after the jump.

So, Miley and her Scary Spice hairdo go to take a selfie, and she sticks out her tongue. We know, shocker, Miley Cyrus often sticks out her tongue in photos, but what you probably didn't know about Miley's photogenic mouth muscle is that she actually cannot point it to the right. No, seriously, she is literally the Derek Zoolander of tongue modeling -- she can't tongue right!!

Next, you gotta casually throw up a peace sign and (once the kids are outta the room) use the other hand for some NC-17 crotch-ular business. And there you have it! The perfect Miley-style selfie that YOU can do at home. *Goes home.* *Fails to look like Miley.* *Eats all the feelings.*

Also, in another clip from the livestream, Miley talks her VMA performance on Sunday. Well... OK, fine, she basically says nothing. Miley does tease that it will be "kind of an iconic thing," but that's not exactly news to us? Like, is there anyone out there who doesn't think that "We Can't Stop" live is a total VMA Diva Moment waiting to happen? When asked for new details about her upcoming album, Bangerz (out Oct. 8!), the Best Song Of The Summer nominee was similarly tight-lipped. Overall, we give this segment of the interview two big "HARUMPHS!" down. #StillLoveYouMiley #SayAnythingToUs #HoldsUpABoombox

One thing Miley revealed, though? It sounds like Boo (ya know, her big ole vote-panhandling teddy bear?) MIGHT be her date on the red carpet! Paging Cutest VMA Couples!!!! #LiamWho #NoButSrsly #WheresLiam

+ Watch MILEY'S PERFECT SELFIE HOW-TO and VMA PERFORMANCE TEASER, and catch more on-air flawlessness on the VMA ALL ACCESS LIVESTREAM.

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