Follow @MTV On Twitter For A Chance To See Austin Mahone's VMA Pop-Up Tour!

Get tickets to see Austin Mahone's pre-VMA pop-up show.

Follow @MTV on Twitter for a chance to snag tickets to see Austin Mahone LIVE before the VMAs!

Awesome news, Mahomies! You're obviously well aware of the fact that your favorite pop wunderkind Austin Mahone will perform at the 2013 MTV VMA pre-show, but here's something else to get pumped about: Austin's making the most of his time in New York City by playing a very special VMA pop-up show at a top-secret location the day before the VMAs! Um, I think the phrase you're looking for is "OMFG!"

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Want a chance to see the VMA "Artist To Watch" nominee perform LIVE in NYC before the VMA Pre-show? Here's what to do:

First, follow @MTV on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Then, from now until Tuesday, Aug. 20, check @MTV, MTV's Instagram, and the official MTV Tumblr to find a brand-new Austin ticket code.

Once you've got the code, visit, enter the that code, and print out ACTUAL concert tickets to see Austin live at his secret location. The ticket code will change every day, so get on it, and make sure you charge every Internet-related device you own. Good luck!


Where's Austin gonna end up next?

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Photo credit: Republic Records