Seriously, Let's Talk About Emblem3 Getting Naked (PHOTO)

Emblem3 strips down on Twitter, and we NEED to discuss!

What a huge musical talent they all have!

Yo, so any guesses as to how Emblem3 have been spending the last three months since their "Chloe (You're The Want That I Want)" video came out? (Other than opening for Selena Gomez on her "Stars Dance" World Tour.) Hmmmmm? No takers? Well, Pat, we'd like to solve the puzzle: Members Wesley, Drew, and Keaton have been getting FOINE. No, like, WHAT IS THIS? This kind of babeliness should not be allowed. These bods are so well-sculpted, they've gotta be Madame Tussaud's wax figures of the guys (à la One Direction's wax statues)! We just have so many questions! How are these real human physiques? Are they doing anything Friday night? So many questions!!!!

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"The X Factor" finalists tweeted the below photo of their naked bods (covered only by some meticulously placed instruments) yesterday, captioning, "Hey @justinbieber, we're in Canada ready for the jam sesh!" In case you're blanking on the message right now, that's a not-so-subtle reference to those pics that recently surfaced featuring Justin Bieber serenading his grandmother in the buff. While the Biebs has yet to respond, we think that Emblem3's attempt at communication is hilarious! How fun is it to not only have our teen idols interacting with one another, but taking their clothes off joking around, too! (Really, the only words The Wanted and One Direction exchange tend to be kinda heated.) In fact, we'd be laughing our asses off right now if not for the fact that Emblem3's collective level of buff-bodied-ness is NO JOKE.

Emblem3's nudity is no joke!

Emblem3 getting naked is super serious, you guys.

GRAGGGGHRGHH! Look at them! These boys have been working it on the bench press like they're broke and rent is due tonight! They're so hot, you gotta put on some oven mitts before you take them cookies outta the oven. Wait, what? Sorry, we lost control of that sexual innuendo about nine words in. WHAT WE'RE TRYING TO SAY is that we greatly respect Emblem3's entire artistic repertoire, especially the parts that are (almost) on full display in the below visual.

Emblem3 get naked on Twitter, and we must discuss!

You're ALL the ones that we want, Emblem3!

One last thought before we break: What if they're not holding instruments at all?! #MICDROP #MINDBLOWN #CANTUNSEE

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