New Video: Jessie J, 'It's My Party'

Watch Jessie J's new music video for "It's My Party."

It's a party in Jessie J's new video, and everyone's invited. #NoHaterz

If we know one thing about Jessie J, it's that the British singer-songwriter does not pull any punches. From her explosive Freddie Mercury-meets-Katy Perry vocal styling to her extreme, eye-popping fashion statements, she always aims to make an impression. That's what we love about her, but apparently some people disagree -- maybe they think she's too loud or oddly made-up. (Remember, the world is brimming with big dumb jerkfaces.) This negativity clearly inspired her newest song and video, "It's My Party," Jessie's follow-up single to "WILD." That's right, you give those YouTube commenters The Business™. Haters make you famous, girl!

Watch Jessie J's "It's My Party" video after the jump.

The Emil Nava-directed clip opens on our boisterous heroine alone in a hallway, where she peeps through the keyholes into two very different party scenes: the first prim and proper, the second completely OOC. Obviously Jessie picks the fun party, where she bounces around with her newfound freak friends and breaks into the chorus: "It's my party/ I'll do what I want." There's a definite Miley Cyrus/"We Can't Stop" vibe to the lyrics, but since Jessie J's track is framed as a response to actual snarky comments (online and off), it's an anthem to self-determination that's entirely her own. Fave line: "You think my clothes are crazy?/ Well... maybe I'm crazy!" Jessie J? KEEP DOING YOU.

+ Watch Jessie J's "It's My Party" video.

Photo credit: Lava Music/Republic Records