New Video: Annie, 'Back Together'

Watch Annie's new video for "Back Together," one of her recent collabs with Richard X.

Annie throws back to the '90s in her "Back Together" video.

Norwegian pop singer Annie has just released the music video for "Back Together," one of the tracks off of her upcoming Richard X-collabo'd The A&R EP (out Aug. 5), and it's SO FUN, AGHHH. These past two weeks have been SO GOOD for lesser-known Euro-pop, and we basically owe it all to Annie. First, she drops the audio for "Hold On," then again for "Ralph Macchio," before finishing it off with a free audio stream of her entire EP on SoundCloud. NOW THIS? We basically look like Annie up there in the photo right about now, gently quivering, emitting a soft and meek: "Ooooh-oh-ooh-oh..."

Watch Annie's "Back Together" video after the jump.

The clip, directed by Stian Servoss and Hildegunn Waerness, draws heavily from the old-school countdown interstitials on "The Chart Show" (think: the U.K.'s pre-"TRL" "TRL"), counting down the top five videos of the day -- numbers five through two being fake, fake, fake, fake, funny as hell, and fake. Let's just take a moment to appreciate these completely not-real artist names and song titles: 5.) Mannie, "Invisible," which is clearly Annie with her voiced slowed down. 4.) Deejay Jesu, "This Ol' House," which must be the kinda house music Laura Ingalls would enjoy?? 3.) Utrecht Amiga Squad, "PUNISHMENT DANCE." Someone's already uploaded a 4-minute cut of this clip, claiming it's a "Dutch hardcore classic from 1992." Lol. 2.) Dr. Quadrologicus, "Quadrologic." Hmmm... checks out.

The fauxness throwback continues! From the super-obvious green-screen visuals to the factually wrong "Pop-Up Video"-esque factoids (Annie was not born in Scotland and never lived in the nonexistent Swedish town of Bergen), this video's such a trip. And that's not even getting into the whole '90s Dee-Lite "Groove Is In The Heart" vibe, with a li'l bit o' Madonna's "Jump" thrown in for good measure. KEEP IT COMIN', ANNIE.

+ Watch Annie's "Back Together" video.

Photo credit: Annie, Richard X