Taylor Swift Goes Paddleboarding With Ed Sheeran, Is Literally A Vintage Barbie (PHOTOS)

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran go paddleboarding at her Rhode Island vacation home.

Taylor takes a break from touring to paddle out on the Rhode Island waters.

Even though we would probably take four days off from work to play a rousing game of "The Seamless-Netflix-Seamless-Netflix Vicious Cycle" (#DontCryOutLoud), Taylor Swift has opted to spend her time off by going paddleboarding with "Red" tour buddy Ed Sheeran at her summer home in Watch Hill, R.I. Why? Well, TayTay must just be more skilled in time management than we are. And also is friends with Ed Sheeran. And has a vacation home in Rhode Island. (#JustKeepItInside #LearnHowToHideYourFeelings)

Check out more pics of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran paddleboarding together after the jump.

Mere days after the 2013 MTV VMA nominee teamed up with the legendary Carly Simon to duet on "You're So Vain," Taylor hit the high seas with her fellow VMA nominee and tour opener Ed Sheeran, who tried his best to keep up with Ms. Swift. While we're sure they're both perfectly competent paddleboarders, it's pretty funny to imagine the "I Knew You Were Trouble" singer calmly but assertively directing the "Lego House" man back to the group: "No, n-n-no, Ed? Ed! Ed. OK, OK, you're doing great -- no, wait, ED! Ed. That's the shore. Turn left. LEFT. Ed."

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran go paddleboarding in Rhode Island.

And with that, Taylor gave up on her paddleboard instructor dreams for good.

But not everyone's so excited to live vicariously through this superfun photo: TMZ even went so far as to describe Taylor's bathing suit as a "grankini." Well, in response, we'd like to quote the sage and scholarly Tamar Braxton by kindly advising these critics to "GET YOUR LIFE." Have you never seen the classic 1960s Barbie, the icon of fashion that she is?

Taylor Swift is basically wearing the vintage Barbie bathing suit.

Barbie's maillot is basically the one-piece version of Taylor Swift's!

Besides, even if Tay did wear something skimpier or whatever, you'd still be putting her on blast for being "OMG SUCH A HO!!!!1" or whatever. Now, we know it must be hard to watch a world-famous recording artist have fun with her friend while staying at what we're assuming is one of many vacation homes, but if you can't see the innate awesomeness of this totally cute photo, then we just have one word for you. Tell 'em, Taylor:

Taylor Swift calls TMZ pathetic in this gif.

Did y'all learn nothing from "Mean"?!?!

+ Watch Taylor Swift's "Mean" video.

Photo credit: WENN, Splash, ballouscues.wordpress.com/ GIF: imlyingtoimpressyou.tumblr.com