Video Premiere: Printz Board, '1'

Watch Printz Board's '1' video.

Printz Board's putting up numbers with his new video, "1."

You probably haven't heard of Printz Board, but we promise you've heard him: Dude's been rocking stadiums with the Black Eyed Peas and cowriting hits such as "Where Is the Love?" and "Don't Phunk With My Heart" for years. Also on his resume: Katy Perry, Chris Brown, and Sheryl Crow. So when he calls his new song and video "1" -- yeah, dude knows what the view's like from the top.

Watch Printz Board's "1" video after the jump.

Turns out "1," appearing on Printz's forthcoming debut album, Board Games, is a love song with a twist: "You gon' be my No. 1/ when I'm ready for that," Printz sings with a wink, between walking us back through his nightmare exes. "No. 4 was lovely/ All cute and bubbly/ But then it got scary when I heard she was married," he rhymes. Um, no wonder he's a little nervous. But while Printz isn't prepared to put a ring on it just yet, his bad breakups make for an upbeat track.

The video's just as bright, literally -- there's a Blue Man Group-y extra carrying around a 6-foot Sun. The colorful video skips the green screens and CGI for old-fashioned cardboard and stage props, bringing Printz's lyrics to cartoon-style life. It's definitely our No. 1 video involving air piano and jean shorts.

+ Watch Printz Board's "1" video.

Photo credit: Ian Montgomery