Watch Marianas Trench Jam Backstage, Perform Live, And Discuss Cold Cut Sandwiches In A Behind-The-Scenes Video Of Their 'The Noise Tour'

Watch Marinas Trench's tour diary.

Go behind the scenes of Marianas Trench's "The Noise Tour."

Vancouver pop-rock band Marianas Trench has already conquered Canada (they've won something like 8084378 Canadian Music Awards), but now the guys are in the midst of a full-scale American takeover. In addition to wrapping up their U.S. jaunt, "The Noise Tour," the guys have JUST unleashed their Face The Music EP in the States. Awesome, right? And to celebrate their achievements, the Canadian rockers have also released an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour diary, which we've got for you to watch below! (Yes, it's OK to feel a little special.)

Watch Marianas Trench's "The Noise Tour" tour diary after the jump.

In their tour diary, the guys are basically living the rock 'n' roll dream: playing to packed crowds of Marianas Trench Stans. But once the "performance montage" wraps up, we get to see the boys doing what they do best -- BEING BROS. And in case you were curious, in MT-land, "being bros" means having intellectual discussions about cold cuts (something about putting two different kinds of meat together and then removing one and eating the one you like best first?) and Worcestershire sauce. Lots of lots of Worcestershire sauce.

After more shots of rabid fans swarming the bros, the tour diary wraps up with some footage of the guys singing a dead-on a cappella version of their song "Stutter." Seriously, their four-part harmonies are so tight, it's like that pickle jar you can never get open. (We just made analogy up just for you, Marianas Trench! Hope you liked it.)

+ Watch Marianas Trench's "The Noise Tour" tour diary.

Photo credit: Cherrytree Records