Watch 2 Powerful Previews Of Kelly Rowland's 'Dirty Laundry' Video

Kelly Rowland heats things up in her "Dirty Laundry" video preview.

Kelly Rowland takes a sad shower in her second "Dirty Laundry" preview.

Kelly Rowland's been releasing a ton of new material like it's her job (well, it kinda is, but just let that one slide, OK?). And it's OUR job to keep you up on everything Kelly Rowland! Like, for example, her sexy "Kisses Down Low"; the bombastic "You've Changed" featuring her Destiny's Child sisters, Beyoncé and Michelle Williams; "Gone" featuring Wiz Khalifa; the vulnerable "Dirty Laundry"; and most recently, the Pusha T-assisted "Street Life."

Now, Kelly's released not one, but TWO "Dirty Laundry" video previews (the first came out on June 21, and the second dropped June 22), and all we can say is brace yourselves, because it these previews are STEAMY. Literally.

Watch Kelly Rowland's "Dirty Laundry" video previews after the jump.

In her first "Dirty Laundry" teaser, Kelly's date (probably her no-good ex?) knocks some red wine over on her white dress while they're out to dinner. Kelly looks so sad that we kind of wanna go and slash this guy's tires or something. (NO SCRUBS, OK?)

Then, in the second clip, Kelly's taking what looks like a cathartic shower -- she's either dripping with water or sweat and does that whole hand-swipe-on-foggy-glass-window thing à la "Titanic." (You know the scene.) It's almost like she's in the sauna, sweating out the fever from her bad relationship and from dealing with competitive feelings with her best friend (er, Beyoncé). Both teasers are SO emotionally wrought that we COULD NOT be more anxious with anticipation to see Kel's full "Dirty Laundry" video. We're basically expecting to break down in tears. #UnlimtedMoisturizedTissues.

Kelly's Talk A Good Game album is out now.

+ Watch Kelly Rowland's first "Dirty Laundry" video preview.


+ Watch Kelly Rowland's second "Dirty Laundry" video preview.

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