Watch One Direction Go Shirtless, Go Camping, And Get Their Butts Pinched In Their 'This Is Us' Teaser Trailer (VIDEO)

Yup, there's a lot of naked chest in One Direction's "This Is Us" teaser. We aren't complaining.

Ever since we found out that One Direction were getting their own 3-D movie, "This Is Us" (and that it has "more shirtless moments than you can imagine"), we've been NONSTOP daydreaming about what it would entail. Maybe a waiter spills a drink on Harry Styles, or perhaps Zayn Malik walks in front of a wind turbine that sucks his shirt CLEAN OFF. (We've had a lot of time to think about this.) Well, dream no more -- the film's teaser trailer IS HERE! And yes, even in this minute-long trailer, there are still PLENTY of shirtless moments.

Watch One Direction in their "This Is Us" teaser trailer after the jump!

Giving some context to moments we've already caught a peek at (remember One Direction in kimonos?!), the teaser trailer shows the "Kiss You" singers in Japan, retracing their roots back in the U.K., and even roughing it in the wild on a camping trip. (And yes, there are plenty of shirtless moments crammed in there.) Best of all, the trailer is packed with all of these cute little moments on the road where the guys are just hangin' around being bros. AWWWW.

And even though this is only a teaser, now we're SUPER PUMPED for MOAR ONE DIRECTION MOVIE TRAILERS. And, duh, THE MOVIE ITSELF. Now, please excuse us while we practice pretending to be a fish, so 1D can catch us. (Don't understand? Watch the trailer.)

Look out for "This Is Us" when it hits theaters Aug. 30!

+ Watch One Direction in their "This Is Us" teaser trailer.

Photo credit: Columbia/SYCO