Video Premiere: Count To Four, 'Bottles And Books' (NSFW) (Lyric Video)

Count To Four represent pure pop-punk in their "Bottles And Books" lyric video.

Count To Four recall early era pop punk in their "Bottles And Books" lyric video.

Holy nostalgia, Count To Four. Are you sure you didn't write "Bottles And Books" somewhere between 2002 and 2005? We get that you just released your studio debut, Between Two Cities, in April 2013, but you could've warned us about how you sound just like New Found Glory and Hidden In Plain View in the absolute best possible of ways. Alas, here you are in 2013, taking us back to the motifs of washed-up towns and sing-along choruses in your new lyric video, "Bottles And Books."

Watch Count To Four's "Bottles And Books" lyric video after the jump.

Set against the stormy backdrop of an animated cityscape (straight from their album art), Count To Four's "Bottles and Books" lyric video moves with as much velocity as the song itself. And even though the abrupt, spiraling shots mirror the tune's driving momentum, the clip makes it WAY easier to decipher Mike Hayden's spitfire verses. (Anyone can fall victim to #HoldMeCloserTonyDanzaSyndrome, KAY?)

The teeming angst comes to a head in the chorus: "Don't bother me/ About my week/ All the things that you say / Yeah, you're f****ing mistake." At moments, the video recalls early era All Time Low (Alex Gaskarth himself gave the band a major endorsement), but their throwback vibes feel uniquely refreshing. "Bottles And Books" doesn't bother with any electro/power/synth permutations of the beloved genre: It's pure, high-octane, intensely emotive, pubescent pop punk.

Stream or download Count To Four's Between Two Cities on their Bandcamp page, and keep up with the band here!

+ Watch Count To Four's "Bottles And Books" lyric video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Harrison Knowles Productions