Watch Austin Mahone Win A Pie-Eating Contest & Do 30 Push-Ups In 30 Seconds (VIDEOS)

Austin Mahone ate an entire pie VERY quickly during his “Live From MTV” interview.

Admit it, Mahomies: We totally answered ALL of your pressing Austin Mahone questions today when the singer stopped by “Live From MTV.” We found out that Austin’s go-to dance move is “the glide,” we learned that he’d choose pizza over ever showering again (don’t say “ew” — the other option was showering or never eating pizza again!), and he gave us all kinds of background behind his brand-new video, “What About Love.” But perhaps the most memorable moment was when we gave Austin the ultimate pop star challenge: a pie-eating contest!

Watch Austin Mahone win a pie-eating contest, do 30 pushups in 30 seconds, and more at “Live From MTV” after the jump.

Chatting with MTV News’ Christina Garibaldi and Buzzworthy’s Tamar Anitai,¬† the “Say Somethin” singer went into detail about his new video, upcoming album, and anything else we felt nosy about! Between questions, however, we got Austin to participate in a series of competitions with fans (and sometimes with himself), like shooting mini-hoops, seeing how many push-ups he could do in 30 seconds, and, of course, pie-eating!

Now, you’re probably wondering who won all of these hard-fought competitions, and we’ll tell you: Austin took the cake — or, pie, as the case may be — and won ALL of the contests. But clearly ALL of us are winners whenever Austin does 30 pushups in 30 seconds and gets his face covered in pie, right?

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+ Watch Austin Mahone¬† 30 push-ups in 30 seconds at “Live From MTV.”

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Photo credit: Michele Crowe/MTV

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