Watch Diddy Bust A Move In Front Of His Private Jet On #DiddyJetDance (NSFW) (VIDEO)

Diddy posted a video him dancing outside of his private plane on Vimeo which he hashtagged #DiddyJetDance.

We wanna join in on your Jet Dance, Diddy, but this trend looks little expensive.

Diddy is an undeniable trendsetter (in addition to being an amazing rapper/producer/businessman/"Downton Abbey" actor). Seriously, if you and Diddy are at the same party, then you're definitely in the right place. (Also, we'd love some invites to your parties, Diddy.) So when the Bad Boy President pioneers a new video meme, #DiddyJetDance, you'd better believe it'll take the world by storm (or create some in-flight turbulence). Don't try this one on your next commercial airline!*

Watch Diddy's #DiddyJetDance outside of his private jet after the jump.

Shot on a simple smartphone and spliced into three columns, the "Go Head Baby (Remix)" rhymer busted a move in a finely tailored suit to Problem's "Like Whaaat." Starting off slow with some shoulder shrugs and finger wags, Diddy explodes into a series of spins and twirls.

So, what do you need to #DiddyJetDance? Just a few easy household items like a boombox or speaker, your nicest suit or dress, and of course, a G6 plane. (A G5 might work, but it definitely wouldn't be the same.)

*You may be arrested/tackled/hated by other passengers if you attempt to #DiddyJetDance on a commercial flight.

+ Watch Diddy's #DiddyJetDance outside of his private jet (NSFW).

Photo credit: Diddy