Watch Diddy Bust A Move In Front Of His Private Jet On #DiddyJetDance (NSFW) (VIDEO)

We wanna join in on your Jet Dance, Diddy, but this trend looks little expensive.

Diddy is an undeniable trendsetter (in addition to being an amazing rapper/producer/businessman/“Downton Abbey” actor). Seriously, if you and Diddy are at the same party, then you’re definitely¬†in the right place. (Also, we’d love some invites to your parties, Diddy.) So when the Bad Boy President pioneers a new video meme, #DiddyJetDance, you’d better believe it’ll take the world by storm (or create some in-flight turbulence). Don’t try this one on your next commercial airline!*

Watch Diddy’s #DiddyJetDance outside of his private jet after the jump.

Shot on a simple smartphone and spliced into three columns, the “Go Head Baby (Remix)” rhymer busted a move in a finely tailored suit to Problem’s “Like Whaaat.” Starting off slow with some shoulder shrugs and finger wags, Diddy explodes into a series of spins and twirls.

So, what do you need to #DiddyJetDance? Just a few easy household items like a boombox or speaker, your nicest suit or dress, and of course, a G6 plane. (A G5 might work, but it definitely wouldn’t be the same.)

*You may be arrested/tackled/hated by other passengers if you attempt to #DiddyJetDance on a commercial flight.

+ Watch Diddy’s #DiddyJetDance outside of his private jet (NSFW).

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