Video Premiere: Rich Kidd 'Can I Get A (Bom Bom)'

Watch Rich Kidd's 'Can I Get A (Bom Bom)' video.

Rich Kidd invites a lucky girl to an exclusive party in his "Can I Get A (Bom Bom)" video.

Rich Kidd might be an emerging artist here in the States, but in his native Canada, dude has been running the rap game for a FULL minute. So far, dude's collaborated on tracks with heavy hitters like Talib Kweli, Busta Rhymes, and DMX as well as produced for rhymers like Drake and Kardinal Offishall. Now, in his new "Can I Get A (Bom Bom)" video, from his In My Opinion mixtape, we find out why Kidd's got so much love in the hip-hop community.

Watch Rich Kidd's "Can I Get A (Bom Bom)" video after the jump.

For one thing, "Can I Get A (Bom Bom)" combines many elements of great rap: It's got a jazzy, piano-driven hook, an electro-inspired chorus, and an unmistakable Notorious B.I.G. sample. (Oh, and Kidd can spit, too.) But in his Rik Cordero-directed clip, Kidd stays local with a quick beard trim 'n' BBQ out in the neighborhood. Everything's got to be on point: He's throwing an exclusive, handwritten invite-only soiree that evening!

Later at the party, there's no shortage of dimes in attendance (duh), but Rich Kidd has his eye on one girl in particular. And hey! She's looking back! Get yours, Kidd! We think you've earned it.

+ Watch Rich Kidd's "Can I Get A (Bom Bom)" video.

Photo credit: Rich Kidd Beats/R-WAY