Video Premiere: Ke$ha Featuring, 'Crazy Kids'

Watch Ke$ha's "Crazy Kids" video.

Ke$ha throws a house party with spacemen, gangstas, and biker dudes in her "Crazy Kids" video.

If you were invited to a party at Ke$ha's house, what would you expect to see? There isn't really a wrong answer here -- to party with Ke$ha is to expect the unexpected (and to wake up somewhere strange, probably in a puddle of something sticky). But in her new "Crazy Kids" video, Ke$ha's unorthodox party preparations are on full display. Fridge stocked full of glittery alcohol? Check. Tatted-up gangstas with mini-horses and old biker dudes? Check. Riff Raff-meets-Estelle Getty outfit? Check. in a gold astronaut suit? Check.

Watch Ke$ha featuring's "Crazy Kids" video after the jump.

In her Darren Craig-directed clip, premiering tonight on "MTV First: Ke$ha," the "C'mon" singer is in all of her octogenarian/southern rapper glory as she rolls up to a house party at her crib. But it's not too long before she abandons her outfit (naturally) to slip into something a little more revealing (which totally includes one of those creepy palm eyes like in "Pan's Labyrinth"). Oh, hey, and there's in a gold astronaut suit (albeit with a hologrammed face -- where have we seen that before?)! Now the party's really getting started.

As night falls, Ke$ha hits the pool to dance with her bearded biker friends, whom we know she can't resist, while the rest of her homies unwind in the water. Clearly we've never thrown a rager half as wild K-Dolla, but that's probably because we don't have the patience to scrub glitter from places we didn't even know existed.

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Photo credit: RCA