Demi Lovato Turns An Innocent Drawing Game Into An Adult Affair At MTV (VIDEOS)

Demi drew some VERY naughty pics on "Live From MTV."

We're sure you all you Lovatics remembered to watch, but just in case, we'll bring you up to speed: Yesterday Demi Lovato stopped by MTV for an exclusive "Live From MTV" interview where she chatted about everything from her new album, Demi, to working with Cher Lloyd and her friendship with Selena Gomez. Then things took a turn for the dirty once the interview hit a segment called "Demi Draws," where the "Heart Attack" singer was supposed to hand-draw a title from her new album (kinda like iPad Pictionary), and fans could guess the song's name based on her clues. Everything went according to plan at first -- Demi picked a folded-up piece of paper from a jar, started drawing.... and, wait, DEMI, WHAT DID YOU JUST DRAW?? THAT'S NOT WHAT A "NIGHTINGALE" LOOKS LIKE. (Unless the song "Nightingale" is just a phallic euphemism for...oh God... I think my innocence is ruined.)

Watch Demi Lovato play "Demi Draws" and "Kittyoke" after the jump.

+ Watch Demi Lovato draw dirty pics during "Demi Draws."

+ Watch Demi Lovato play "Kittyoke."

Photo credit: MTV