Song Premiere: Kyle Andrews, 'The Way To Wonder'

Listen to Kyle Andrews' "The Way To Wonder."

Kyle Andrews is all about the good times in his new track, "The Way To Wonder."

Nashville's Kyle Andrews, an indie pop player since 2006, not only has an obvious knack for next-level infectious melodies, but he's somehow mastered the art of hooks with a sound so unshakably happy, it could even make Debbie Downer crack a smile. In terms of sound, Kyle's style lands somewhere between the whimsy of fun., the plucky pitter-patter of Good Old War, and the vocal expressiveness of Conor Oberst. But unlike Mr. Oberst, Kyle has no malaise to speak of, and his predilection towards pure, no-holds-barred ebullience is currently on full display in "The Way To Wonder," the lead single off of his forthcoming album, Brighter Than The Sun.

Listen to Kyle Andrews' "The Way to Wonder" after the jump.

"This is the new amazing / This is the world we wanted / This is the life we dreamed of / This is me and you," Kyle croons over a jingle-jangle, clap-happy track as he sings about an imagined utopia (which may or may not, in our heads, include jubilant street parades and animated birds). It's a head-in-the-clouds kinda feeling we're all thirsty for, and once the kick drum enters and Kyle wails up an octave, you'll stand up with arms outstretched and proclaim in concurrence, "YES, KYLE! This IS the new amazing!"

Check out more of Kyle's good cheer when Brighter Than The Sun drops on July 23.

+ Listen to Kyle Andrews' "The Way to Wonder."

Photo credit: Will Holland