New Video: Dylan Reynolds, 'Spanish Civil War'

Watch Dylan Reynolds' "Spanish Civil War" video.

Dylan Reynolds gets contemplative in his "Spanish Civil War" video.

We'll be blunt: Not a lot happens in Dylan Reynolds' "Spanish Civil War" video. In fact, aside from the 21-year-old alt-folk/pop musician sitting sideways with his hair blowing in the wind, literally NOTHING happens! But we kinda think that's the point, right? Because when your song is as minimalist and delicate as Mac Miller's bestie's "Spanish Civil War," the video's tone should probably match. And when have we ever NOT wanted to stare at a cute "in-touch-with-his-emotions" singer for a few solid minutes?

Watch Dylan Reynolds' "Spanish Civil War" video after the jump.

Not only does the Rex Arrow-directed clip serve as the perfect canvas to absorb Dylan's gentle track, but we're also LOVING the fact that "Spanish Civil War" was released via Mac Miller's label, REMember Music. Because, well, not to act stereotypical, but wouldn't you think a video on Mac's label would be a little heavier on the hot chicks and ginormous ragers? Or some rad whips? Or even a pimp chair with a matching pimp cup? Yeah, think again! Also, not to be weird, but we're pretty sure Dylan would make the best boyfriend. It's just something about the way he sings. Aaaaand our TMI is back.

Watch Dylan Reynolds' "Spanish Civil War" video.

Photo credit: REMember Music