Star Spotting: Kanye West Reclaims His Side Eye Crown In NYC (PHOTO)

Kanye West gives side eye to some photographers while with a pregnant Kim Kardashian in New York City.

Kanye West gives masterful side eye while walking with Kim Kardashian in NYC.

Don't look now, but Kanye West is back on top! No, not because of the possible album release date he tweeted a few days ago, but because he has proudly reclaimed his crown as the king of side eye! (Sorry, Rihanna.) Alongside his very pregnant better half, Kim Kardashian, Kanye is saying so much with just a glance. And what he's saying is, "Uh, the hell are you lookin' at?" Well, that's our first guess, anyway.

The "Mercy" rapper was snapped scowling while out with Kim in New York City (perhaps shopping for baby clothes?). Y'know, with a baby on the way, you'd think that Yeezy would be all smiles, right?? Maybe he was upset because Gucci was out of the perfect baby booties, or Givenchy flat out refused his concept for a custom bib. "WHAT YOU MEAN YOU DON'T WANT SPIT UP ON YOUR DESIGNS? I'M KANYE WEST. THIS IS RIDICULOUS." Of course all of this is purely speculative, and we're sure the people at Givenchy would give Kanye anything he wanted, but we're just grasping for straws about why he'd look so frowny while out with his lady and (almost) new baby. Well, let's look at the bright side: At least Kanye's got his side eye king title back!

Photo credit: Splash News