Buzzworthy Obsession: Chrystian Featuring Lil Twist, 'Go'

Watch Chrystian Featuring Lil Twist's "Go" video.

Chrystian plays coy in his "Go" video.

We haven't heard from "Buzz On" alum and Columbus, Ohio, native Chrystian since his "Get It In" video, but bro is BACK and he's armed with a highly conceptual video for his new Lil Twist-assisted jam, "Go." And when we say "highly conceptual," we're not necessarily talking about plot, but rather a slick, black-and-white visual landscape that, if you can believe it, enhances Chrystian's swagger level EVEN MORE.

Watch Chrystian's "Go" video featuring Lil Twist after the jump.

Directed by Ryan Pallotta, "Go" has Chrystian surrounded by a troupe of sexy women who seem only too pleased to fawn all over him. (Hmmm... and did we mention they're all wearing chains?) Pictured in black and white, Chrystian dances all up on the ladies before meeting up with a head-to-toe cheetah print-clad Lil Twist who drops a verse while the girls stop dancing and turn their attention to him. In sum, "Go" is basically the epitome of every male's dream (girls on girls on girls!), and we don't blame Chrystian for filming it one bit. Props to him for being all, "I'm filming a video with NO OTHER MEN BUT ME! (And Lil Twist)." Bold move.

+ Watch Chrystian's "Go" video featuring Lil Twist.

Photo credit: Chrystian's Facebook