New Song: J. Cole, 'Cole Summer' (NSFW)

J. Cole releases an introspective track in anticipation of his album dropping in "Cole Summer."

J. Cole airs industry-related frustrations in "Cole Summer."

There are few rappers more honest than J. Cole. Sure, he must be relieved that after several delays, his sophomore studio album, Born Sinner, finally has a release date for June 25. But being the impatient dude he is, Cole just couldn't wait another second to release some new ish, which is why we now have "Cole Summer," an introspective track about dealing with record label B.S., feeling worried about going back to his day job, and being cheap in the strip club with Drake. Well, we all can't make it rain like Drizzy!

Listen to J. Cole's "Cole Summer" after the jump.

Sampling Lauryn Hill's "Nothing Even Matters" (while politely asking to not be sued), Cole explains that while "Cole Summer" is not a preview of his upcoming album, it's just something he needs to get off his chest: "Sharing things I think quietly/ with those that admire me/ Remember "MTV Diary"?/ This something like that." (Oh, we remember "Diary," J.)

Even though he's a big-time rapper, it's interesting to hear Cole air his vulnerabilities as he rhymes about wanting to take care of his mom, a former postal worker (and inspiration for the cover art): "And I told her quit her job/ oh, hold your horses/ If my next album flops it's back to the post office/ both of us/ they're saying that's a real possibility/ the thought alone is killing me." Well, we appreciate the honesty, J, but we don't think you have anything to worry about just yet -- your mom will probably never work another day in her life. Now, excuse us while we comb through the internet to see if we're related to any famous rappers.

+ Listen to J. Cole's "Cole Summer" (NSFW).

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