Go Behind The Scenes Of Pierce The Veil's 'Bulls In The Bronx' Video Shoot! (PHOTOS)

Check out these behind the scenes photos of Pierce The Veil on set of their "Bulls In The Bronx" video.

Pierce The Veil take us behind the scenes of their "Bulls In The Bronx" video.

From the creepy kids in "Chemical Kids And Mechanical Brides" to doing their best Bonnie and Clyde impression in "King For A Day," San Diego hardcore outfit Pierce The Veil have topped themselves time and again with their high-concept, cinematic videos. That's why these photos from the set of their "Bulls In The Bronx" video, off their Collide With The Sky LP, have us speculating SO HARD. What could they possibly be doing? We think they may be dancing? What?! Like, not swinging arms and jump-kick dancing, but, like, choreographed dancing?

Check out more behind-the-scenes photos of Pierce The Veil's "Bulls In The Bronx" video shoot after the jump.

Check out these behind the scenes photos of Pierce The Veil on the set of their "Bulls In The Bronx" video.

Are those toreador outfits? PLEASE let there be real bulls in this video!

Singer Vic Fuentes shed a little light on any possible dance moves and how sensual their new video would be: "'Bulls In The Bronx' is definitely the sexiest video we've ever released thanks to the help of our beautiful Spanish dancer and some expert choreographing by our director, Drew Russ." Russ, who also directed their "King For A Day" clip, provided some hints about the concept: "I really wanted to have a story people could relate to, as well as have a fun supernatural element to fit the bridge of the song. To me, this is such a standout song, and when the bridge hits, it almost transports the listener to another place. I really wanted to represent that on camera." Supernatural elements? Does that mean ghosts? Demons? Sounds pretty gnar. Check out more behind-the-scenes video shoot photos below, and don't miss the "Bulls In The Bronx" video when it drops May 7.


Photo credit: Adam Elmakias