The Wanted's Nathan Sykes And Max George Went On A (SHIRTLESS!) Fishing Trip! (PHOTO)

Max George and Nathan Sykes went on a shirtless fishing trip.

A shirtless fishing expedition is WAY BETTER than a non-shirtless fishing expedition. 

On the off chance you're blinded by the two stunningly shirtless male bodies in front of you, please don't worry! (It's only natural!) While you take a minute to compose yourself, we'll alert you to the fact that the pair of strapping young men perched at the tip of a fishing boat (kinda like Jack and Rose from "Titanic" but with way less clothing) are none other than Nathan Sykes and Max George of The Wanted -- also known as the only shirtless men we want to see forever and always (with the exception of Justin Bieber, obviously).

This isn't Max George's first time at the shirtless fishing rodeo, either. Just a few weeks back, we caught Max holding a fish up with his shirt off! (We're detecting a trend here...) This time, Max tweeted a similar photo, but minus one fish and plus one Nathan! He captioned, "Great day fishing yesterday... @NathanTheWanted was the champ!"

While there's no word on why exactly the "I Found You" singers went fishing, we kinda think it may have something to do with Nathan Sykes' upcoming hiatus from the band -- perhaps he needed some R&R before undergoing throat surgery tomorrow. While The Wanted aren't revealing the exact nature of the surgery, we do hear Nathan won't be able to speak for a month, so getting some quality bro time before that all goes down is crucial. Wishing you the best, Nathan! Your face, voice, and highly defined abs will be missed!

Photo credit: @MaxGeorge