10 Best Twitter Reactions To Selena Gomez's 'Come & Get It' Performance At The 2013 MTV Movie Awards

Selena Gomez performs "Come & Get It" at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards.

Selena Gomez tore up the Movie Awards stage with her first-time performance of "Come & Get It."

Selenators, are you still standing?? Are you still even ALIVE? After months/weeks/days of waiting for Selena Gomez's first-ever "Come & Get It" performance at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, we're so so so psyched to say that our girl finally got her chance to DOMINATE the stage. As promised, mom-to-be Kim Kardashian introduced Selena to the Movie Awards audience before Selena stepped onstage for an all-red, "earthy," Indian-inspired performance of "Come & Get It." But we must ask: what's better than watching Selena tear up the Movie Awards stage? Reading post-show Twitter reactions from all the #Selenators!!

Check out our favorite Selena Gomez "Come & Get It" Twitter reactions after the jump!

Opening her "Come & Get It" performance in a floaty, crimson, Indian-inspired dress, a bindi-wearing Selena danced and spun barefoot with a troupe of talented backup dancers twerking it beside her. Though there were plenty of Selenators kvelling all over Twitter, Selena's celebrity supporters came out in full force with Shakira tweeting, "Congratulations to the beautiful @selenagomez for her amazing performance at the #MTVMovieAwards!! She really remember me a part of @shakira." Or how about that time Britney Spears gave her MMA stamp of approval?? Brit told Selena, "Wow @SelenaGomez... "Come & Get It" on the #mtvmovieawards was incredible! One of my favorite songs out there right now!"

Meanwhile, Buzzworthy's own Brad Stern (@MuuMuse) chimed in with: "She's so damn cute. GOOD JOB, @SELENAGOMEZ." Brad and Britney weren't alone in their adoration -- @alexandergold straight-up SANG Selena's onstage praises, tweeting, "Selena Gomez could totally come & get it. Girl is maturing and growing into such a fox. #MTVMovieAwards #MovieAwards." Um, yeah, AGREED. Meanwhile, @NICKSTACYY pushed all h8ters to the left: "And I'm not gonna hate on Selena Gomez's performance.... PROPS GERL! TWERK."

+ Watch Selena Gomez's "Come & Get It" performance at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards!

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