Watch Jessie Ware Perform 'Wildest Moments,' 'Running,' And More At MTV's 'Artist To Watch' Performance At NYC's Webster Hall (VIDEOS)

Watch Jessie Ware's Artist To Watch performance at Webster Hall.

Watch Jessie Ware's "Artist To Watch" live performance at NYC's Webster Hall!

It's hard to believe that we only just met Jessie Ware, the bewitching English pop-soul nightingale, MTV's Artist to Watch, and seductive singer of songs like "Devotion," "Sweet Talk," and "If You're Never Gonna Move." To celebrate the impending release of her full-length Stateside debut, Devotion (dropping on April 16th -- um, happy day after Tax Day to us!), Jessie stopped by NYC's Webster Hall last Friday night for her MTV "Artist To Watch" Live showcase (check out photos from the night here!). Hopefully you had a chance to tune into our livestream, but just in case life got in the way (as it oft does), or you were just out doin' your Friday night thing, now you can watch full-length videos from Jessie's entire set right here, including live performances of "Wildest Moments," "Night Light," "Running," and more! If you're not a vowed Warewolf yet, giddy up.

Watch Jessie Ware perform "Wildest Moments," "Running," "If You're Never Gonna Move," and more at NYC's Webster's Hall after the jump.

+ Watch Jessie Ware perform ''Wildest Moments'' live.

+ Watch Jessie Ware perform "Night Light" live.

+ Watch Jessie Ware perform "If You're Never Gonna Movelive.

+ Watch Jessie Ware perform "Sweet Talklive.

+ Watch Jessie Ware perform "Runninglive.

+ Watch Jessie Ware discuss her favorite artists and collaboration dreams.

+ Watch Jessie Ware give insight on some venues she's toured.

+ Watch Jessie Ware talk about her background as a backup singer.


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