Star Spotting: Taylor Momsen Has Legs For Days While Filming A New Video With Tomomi Itano In NYC (PHOTO)

Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen struts the streets of NYC while filming a new video with Tomomi Itano!

Dear short people of the world (this is coming from a short person, btw): Taylor Momsen has JUST released an unofficial visual memo that says, "I'm back, and my long legs will always win at everything." Just look at those stellar stems as she films a new music video with J-pop singer Tomomi Itano (hopefully along with her band The Pretty Reckless as well!!) in New York City. This photo also serves as a perfect example of what it looks like when one properly turns an otherwise average street into their own personal catwalk.

The "Miss Nothing" singer was snapped filming a new video with Tomomi in NYC, and in between keeping our fingers crossed hardcore for a new album from The Pretty Reckless (PRETTY PLEASE!!! We're still obsessed with "Kill Me," but we WANT MORE), we're trying to guess just what will go down in the impending clip. Perhaps Taylor's Pretty Reckless bandmates will make a cameo, or maybe Taylor will portray a secret agent woman who kicks butt along with Tomomi in ferosh high heels. Orrr maybe she's not playing anyone but herself, because she's already a hardcore hair whipper with an incredible fashion sense, a hard-rock stare, and all kinds of flawless height. (In case you couldn't already tell, yes, we have a height complex.) We're keeping our eyes peeled on this one!

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News