New Video: Wavves, 'Demon To Lean On'

Watch Wavves' new "Damon To Leave On" video.

Wavves tackles confusing teenage years in their "Demon To Lean On" video.

Growing up is scary business: Nothing makes sense and sometimes you feel completely and totally alone. You feel like, say, you've been left behind in a car by your parents, then the car gets towed to a spooky junkyard where a band of feral lost boys enlist you into their tribe via some bizarre initiation rites (well, hopefully not to THAT extent, but what can we say? Hormones are hormones). That's a classic coming of age story right there. Or maybe that's just us? Us and Wavves anyway, who tap into our confusing teenage years in the new video for "Demon To Lean On," the latest single from their Afraid Of Heights disc.

Watch Wavves' "Demon To Lean On" video after the jump.

"Ambivalent and young, we're probably just dumb," Nathan Williams sings, in a song that alternates between quiet/loud Nirvana-style verses and a rush of sunny-but-overcast pop punk. "What's it really worth? No hope and no future."

Depressing stuff, right? But somehow Wavves make it sound like so much fun here, lyrics to the contrary. It could be a lot worse, too -- at least we're not all literally fighting for our loves in a "Fight Club"-style ring while torch-wielding tough guys, symbolic of everyone intimidating to young kids -- the jock, the older skateboarder bro, the metal guy -- look on in pleasure. It just sometimes feels like that. There's good news though, as the video suggests: we don't have to take part in their game. That sounds kind of hopeful after all.

+ Watch Wavves' "Demon To Lean On" video.

Photo credit: Fat Possum Records