New Video: Snoop Lion Featuring Cori B. And Drake, ‘No Guns Allowed’

Snoop Lion makes a statement against gun violence in his video for “No Guns Allowed.”

One of the best things about Snoop Dogg’s enlightening path to Snoop Lion is that now he’s unafraid to tackle controversial issues like gun control (on second thought, he probably wouldn’t have been afraid as Snoop Dogg either, but a light Rastafari touch does help drive the point home). That brings us to “No Guns Allowed,” Snoop’s eye-opening ballad for gun control, featuring daughter Cori B. and fellow rap superstar Drake.

Watch Snoop Lion featuring Cori B. and Drake’s “No Guns Allowed” video after the jump.

After releasing “No Guns Allowed” a few weeks back, the trio has since created a sobering video to match their poignant track. The emotional, black-and-white clip opens with President Obama paying tribute to the children killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. As the track fades in, a mournful Snoop Lion preaches over news footage of other gun-related tragedies, serving as a troubling reminder of the rising number of gun-related deaths in America. Cori B. joins her dad on the chorus as foreboding scenes of curious children playing with firearms and students hiding under desks are intercut with newspaper clippings and video, while Drake pays respect to two people who lost their lives in his native Toronto. It’s impossible not to watch “No Guns Allowed” with a heavy heart, and it goes without saying that we have the utmost respect for Snoop’s message. Watch it below, and also check out Snoop’s “MTV x Caliber” bracelet for “Jewelry for a Cause” who are partnering with MTV and the Newark Police Department to aid in their gun buyback program.

+ Watch Snoop Lion featuring Cori B. and Drake’s “No Guns Allowed” video.

Photo credit: RCA

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