Video Premiere: Oxymorrons, 'Alone'

Oxymorrons go it "Alone" in their brand-new video.

Oxymorrons are THIS CLOSE to taking over the hip-hop game.

Meet Oxymorrons. (It's misspelled intentionally, so just turn your spell-checker off and DEAL!) They're two Queens-bred hip-hop-loving bros (yep, they're literally brothers) named D and K.I. who have been slaying the "Klasher Music" game since they joined forces in 2009. (FYI, "Klasher" is the boys' self-proclaimed genre, and while there's no technical definition, we're just calling it "awesome.") Anyway, a lot's happened since D and K.I.'s official musical union -- they recruited two more band members, Omar Hernandez on the decks and Matt Mayz on the drums, they've opened for Lupe FiascoErykah BaduJanelle MonaeKe$haRihanna, and Neon Hitch (WE KNOW), become BFFs with Travis McCoy, AND teamed with Jay-Z's Artful Dodger to release their mixtape STFU and Listen. Oh, and remember Wynter Gordon's infectious 2012 single "TKO"? Yeah, well, that ish was cowritten by (and featured) Oxymorrons. And now that we've given them a proper intro, we are straight REVVED to bring you Oxymorrons' brand-new video for "Alone."

Watch Oxymorrons' "Alone" video after the jump.

Directed by Jasmine Williams (she's the niece of legendary video director Hype Williams), "Alone" features a very dapper D spitting rhymes, well, ALONE in a room while Matt Mayz goes HAM on the percussion. Not much happens in terms of plot, but a plotless video seems like the point: to create an interesting yet bare-bones canvas on which the boys can unleash their melancholic verse: "I have no purpose.../ tell me what I'm living for." Are we feeling a little sad after watching "Alone"? Maybe just a smidge, but would you just LOOK at D and K.I.'s faces in the above photo? Do those guys LOOK alone and sad to you? No, they don't! (In fact, they kinda look like the dopest BFF duo ever, so ermmm, yeah, call me guys! I've been wanting to add a brother duo to my group of friends!) 

Look out for Oxymorron's forthcoming album, For Fun & Games, expected to drop sometime this year.

+ Watch Oxymorrons' "Alone" video.

Photo credit: Oxymorrons