The Buzz On: SZA

Meet Buzzworthy's obsession: SZA

You're about to fall in hardcore love with SZA. Seriously, trust us. 

To put it bluntly, we're having a full-on fangirl attack over St. Louis-born R&B songstress SZA (Solana Rowe). And when we say "R&B" we're not even truly doing SZA's ethereal, feminine, lush, atmospheric, and uniquely melodic flavor justice. Think a neo-soul Ellie Goulding meets the female Frank Ocean plus, like, a dash Solange and a tad of Björk.

Listen to SZA after the jump.

We've been trying for days to come up with an eloquent way to describe the immense musical tingles we get from SZA's "Ice Moon," the first song off SZA's forthcoming S EP (out April 9), and the follow-up release to her crazy dope See.SZA.RunUnfortunately, all we can think to do is shout things like "crystals!" and "glitter!" and "sparkles!" which, although not technically musical terms, actually do a great job of explaining SZA's vibe.

Anyway, you're in some SERIOUS luck right now because Solana has JUST released another single from her forthcoming EP! Called "Aftermath," SZA's new record features some playful yet poignant lyrics: "I apologize for waiting to tell you for so long that I am not human/ I am made of bacon/ Fairy tales/ Pixie dust I don't feel/ I hung myself and didn't die/ I am omnipotent/ I'm alive/ I'm not real/ I'm alive." We know we say this a lot, but we REALLY mean it this time: SZA is on the come up. Please do yourselves a favor and pay close attention to her over these next few months. Just think how you'll SAVOR the "cool points" that come along with saying you knew her when.

Be on the lookout for SZA's forthcoming EP, S, dropping April 9,  followed by two other EPs, titled Z and A, to follow sometime in 2013.

 + Listen to SZA.

Photo credit: Jessica Lehrman

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