Remember That Time Anna Kendrick Went K-Pop??

Anna Kendrick goes K-pop for Funny Or Die.

Anna Kendrick's gone K-Pop, y'all! 

Ummmm, do you remember that time Anna Kendrick -- the chick from "Twilight" and more importantly, the epic and 2013 MTV Movie Award-nominated "Pitch Perfect" -- went K-pop? Oh, you don't??? Well, we'll tell you all about it. (Also, this might be a good time to update your Anna Kendrick Google Alert. SLAC-KING.)

Watch Anna Kendrick's K-pop Funny Or Die video after the jump.

As you may have already gathered, Anna teamed up with the pranksters from Funny Or Die for a spot-on parody that has Anna joining K-pop supergroup f(x). And may we just say: ANNA LOOKS RIGHT AT HOME! -- Honestly, if we didn't know any better, we'd just assume Anna was f(x)'s American recruit. It's not all gravy at first: Before she can become her best K-pop self, Anna must perfect her dance moves, her Korean pronunciation, her K-Pop-esque outfits, and figure out a way to fit in with hew new girl band besties. But OBVIOUSLY Anna eventually wins everyone over and becomes the band's key member. (Sounds like Oscar material to us -- get on that, Funny Or Die!!) No joke, if Anna's acting career goes bust, we're pretty confident her Korean fan base would welcome her back with open arms. (Kidding, but also not kidding at all. That's a totally untapped demographic for you, girl!)

+ Watch Anna Kendrick's K-pop Funny Or Die video

Photo credit: Funny Or Die