Timeflies' Rez And Cal Reveal The Source Of Their Musical Magic At The 2013 mtvU Woodie Awards (VIDEO)


We suggest you brace yourself for Timeflies' forthcoming single, "I Choose You." 

It's only been a mere 24 hours since last night's 2013 mtvU Woodies Festival and still, my FOMO ("fear of missing out") is raging AND I'm still crushing HARD on Woodies cohost and Woodie Of The Year recipient, Machine Gun Kelly. Add that to a totally on-point performance by Timefliesone of our Favorite Breakthrough Artists of 2012 (and our numero uno face crush these days!), and we're like, not gonna even make it through the rest of the evening. Luckily for us, Buzzworthy's Tamar Anitai caught up with our future boyfriends the "Swoon" singers before taking the stage during the festival.

Watch Timeflies discuss their musical genius, the best fan mail EVER, and their forthcoming new single at the 2013 Woodie Awards after the jump!

And guess what, Timeflies Stans! Your best bros, otherwise known as Rez and Cal, otherwise known as those dudes who raged their faces in their "One Night" video, reveal the place where their musical magic happens: Rez's bedroom, where the guys invented a way to turn even "The Little Mermaid" and Adele hip-hop in a way that shouldn't work or make sense but somehow totally does.

You probably haven't tired of their version of Rihanna's "Stay," but Rez and Cal shared that they're hard at work on a brand-new album featuring a new single called "I Choose You." (I'm telling myself it's about me.) And they also shared the best fan mail they've ever gotten, and let's just say that if you wanna get to the tippy-top of the list, you're gonna have to find something sicker than the pair of Green Lantern headphones some GENIUS Timeflies Stan gave Rez. And sadly, we're pretty positive there's nothing better. Well, maybe a custom, tricked-out, Green Lantern-detailed Maybach with a Swarovski Crystal-encrusted wheel, but that's about it.

+ Watch Timeflies discuss their musical genius, the best fan mail EVER, and their forthcoming new single at the 2013 Woodie Awards:

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