New Video: Pitbull Featuring Christina Aguilera, 'Feel This Moment'


Pitbull and Christina Aguilera live life to the fullest in their "Feel This Moment" video.

Pitbull and Christina Aguilera first asked us to "Feel This Moment" back in NOVEMBER of last year (can you even remember that far back?) when the pair unveiled the fourth single off Mr. Worldwide's Global Warming disc. Now, a few months later, the duo is asking us to "feel this video," meaning: The "Feel This Moment" video is officially out! And of course we're full-on feeling it -- we can't DEAL with how well Xtina's powerhouse vocals tie in with Mr. 305's AGGRO verses and the record's club-banging, "Take On Me"-sampling vibe.

Watch Pitbull's "Feel This Moment" video featuring Christina Aguilera after the jump.

While there's no distinct plot to the "Feel This Moment" video, there certainly is a TON of big hair coming from team Xtina (which is, as you know, all we need in this world). As Christina (and her fierce leather ensemble) dances in the corner, Pitbull's playing a sold-out show for throngs of excited fans. And then of course there's Pit recording some verses D-I-Y-style in his hotel room in a wifebeater. Because the only thing better than seeing Christina's hair take on a life of its own is seeing Pitbull record some rhymes in his jammies! Unfortunately, Pit and Christina barely share any screen time (but why, bbs?!) which is why we encourage you to re-watch their 2012 American Music Awards performance about six (or 60) times.

Watch Pitbull's "Feel This Moment" video featuring Christina Aguilera.

Photo credit: RCA Records