New Video: Allen Stone, 'Celebrate Tonight'


The ONLY thing better than hearing Allen Stone sing is watching him dance with senior citizens.

As you might've already heard, Allen Stone's got the best set of pipes this side of... basically ALL THE LAND. Seriously, the man's got the vocal prowess of about 25 gospel choirs, and let's just say that seeing him live is, well, a religious experience (no pun intended). We first buzzed about the 25-year-old soul singer from Chewelah, Wash., all the way back in 2011 (#HAIRFLIP FOR US!), and since then, the dude's been on a roll releasing banger after banger (please see Allen's "Sleep" video). Allen's latest single, the happy-go-lucky "Celebrate Tonight," found on his eponymous 2012 album, is certainly no exception. And then there's the video, which not only provides proof that Allen annihilates the vocal game every damn time, but we get to watch him ROCK OUT WITH SENIOR CITIZENS.

Watch Allen Stone's "Celebrate Tonight" video after the jump.

Set in a senior center, "Celebrate Tonight" features Allen as the evening's entertainment, which we'll take over a game of "BINGO" any day. Then 30 seconds into his performance, what was once a subdued, tired senior center morphs into the hippest party on the block, complete with confetti and WHEELCHAIR dancing. In fact, the rager is SO bangin' that a sweet old man who started the evening with a perfectly functional pair of glasses returns to his room with broken specs -- and a renewed spirit. Allen may be a stylish, long-haired crooner, but heck if he doesn't have a gift for working with the elderly. And we're betting that if you listen to him on the reg, probably neither your parents or grandparents will tell you to "turn that racket down already." LAST THING: Does that senior center have any availability? Because my grandma's assisted-living center is getting WAY too boring for her. Water Yoga can only go so far.

Watch Allen Stone's "Celebrate Tonight" video.

Photo credit: ATO Records