Video Premiere: Royal Teeth, 'Wild'

Watch Royal Teeth's "Wild" video.

Royal Teeth have a porch-side jam session in their new "Wild" video.

Be warned: New Orleans indie poppers Royal Teeth are startlingly cute. Led by Nora Patterson and vocal partner Gary Larsen, the six-piece troupe are a fresh-faced, eternally young bunch with a penchant for colorful melodies, happy handclaps, and plenty of well-placed tambourines. Now out with their first EP, Act Naturally, the six-piece recently appeared on "Last Call With Carson Daly," are prepping a debut LP on Dangerbird Records, and are officially heading to charm the pants off everyone at SXSW. Given their "Anthropologie Spring Catalog" look, we'd almost argue that they're a little too maudlin, but we're card-carrying suckers for this stuff, so we'll just relax and melt into Royal Teeth's warm, sugary music bath, not unlike the one Nora sinks into in the band's new "Wild" video.

Watch Royal Teeth's "Wild" video after the jump.

Directed by A/J Jackson, "Wild" opens to Nora singing fully dressed in a retro tub. Gary Larson soon joins in as he presses his ear up against the bathroom door, wondering, "Don't you think it's time for you and me to make some history?" Soon, all of Royal Teeth are elegantly arranged on a picturesque Southern stoop (nice move with the drummer in front), as they jubilantly play their instruments and gaze adoringly at each other. We can practically feel the sticky Louisiana heat as the band cries out in unison, with Gary and Nora as their ridiculously adorable and attractive centerpieces.

Camerawork is also a major focal point in "Wild," as the entire clip plays out in a series of fast-forward/rewind motions. The opening scene especially is a thing of beauty -- Nora's bright-red curls fan out in the bathtub as she drops, then picks up a pretty bouquet of wildflowers and dips her head underwater. How she manages to sing in the bathtub without drowning (or ending up in a Rihanna/Britney Spears sad bath situation) is beyond us, but we'd happily follow her underwater (or really anywhere) if it meant hearing her sing some more.

+ Watch Royal Teeth's "Wild" video.

Photo credit: Dangerbird Records