New Video: Mindless Behavior, 'All Around The World'

Mindless Behavior go international in their new video, "All Around The World"

Mindless Behavior get suited up in their "All Around The World" video.

Mindless Behavior could easily be on the cover of GQ with how suave they look in their clip for "All Around The World," the title track from their second album dropping March 12. Outfitted in suits and ties, the boys' look kinda reminds us of their "Keep Her On The Low" video, except this time they trade in espionage to perform in an enormous, exotic mansion. While the villa's EXACT location is unknown, it appears to be the kind of estate that's on its own island, or at least like a small town where the owner of the house is also the mayor and sheriff. Either way, MB seem more than willing to stamp their passports and span the globe to give a good show (and find that special someone along the way).

Watch Mindless Behavior's "All Around The World" video after the jump.

In the dance-heavy video, Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray, and Princeton bust out some incredibly difficult dance moves (in suits no less), while a select few lucky ladies watch them work. (How did we miss the application deadline for that??) Also, this clip got us wondering: Would Mindless Behavior really go "all around the world" for their fans? Would they freeze down in Antarctica? Or would they go to the Amazon Rainforest and risk touching a bunch of snakes and man-eating plants?  Well, even if MB aren't literally up to the journey, we're sure that Team Mindless' fans would go to the ends of the earth for them, too. And if you don't feel like blowing your savings on a round-trip, possibly dangerous global trot, you could always just send MB some Skittles or a Skittles-decorated boom box. Looking like Rihanna doesn't hurt either.

+ Watch Mindless Behavior's "All Around The World" video.

Photo credit: UMG