7 Best Twitter Reactions To Jared Leto's Orbis Epsilon Back Tattoo


Jared Leto got a giant back tattoo to celebrate his one million Twitter followers!

We don't know why we're surprised at anything Jared Leto does anymore. Whether it's posing in front of hamburger wallpaper (best not to ask) or cross-dressing/shaving his eyebrows for a movie role, at least no one can exactly say they're BORED by him. So, when news broke that Jared had gotten a brand-new tattoo in the shape of an Orbis Epsilon (a favorite shape of Jared's band, 30 Seconds To Mars) and would reveal the tattoo to celebrate his reaching 1 million Twitter followers, all we could do was bang our head against the nearest hard surface, go through a few rounds of "WHY, GOD?! HELP ME FIGURE OUT IF THIS IS A GOOD OR BAD THING!" and decide that it is in fact a good thing. Especially since the tattoo takes up most of his back. But all this in the name of social media? Er, Jared, you know a tattoo is forever, right? (Though we guess it could've been worse -- he could've gotten a tattoo of the Twitter bird logo on his face, and then we'd really be in trouble.) Oh, and something else we forgot to mention: After all the Twitter responses, gossip reports, and general hullabaloo, Jared, Shannon and Tomo's Twitter accounts have now been mysteriously... deleted. Are they hiding out in a cave somewhere working on new music? We're worried.

While we ponder the irony and at least a near-future with none of 30 Seconds To Mars on Twitter, check out more of our favorite Twitter reactions to Jared's new tattoo below!

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Photo credit: @jaredleto