See New Found Glory Celebrate 10 Years Of 'Sticks And Stones' In Atlantic City (PHOTOS)

New Found Glory get ready to play in Atlantic City.

New Found Glory hang backstage before their "Sticks and Stones" concert.

Pop-punk fans nearly lost their marbles late last year when genre pioneers New Found Glory announced they'd be embarking on a "Sticks and Stones" 10-year anniversary tour -- "Sticks and Stones" being NFG's hit-making 2002 album, home to staple tunes like "Understatement," "My Friends Over You," and "Head On Collision." Together for 15 years, Jordan Pundik, Chad Gilbert, Steve Klein, Ian Grushka, and Cyrus Bolooki have been the torchbearers for like-minded three-chord acts like All Time Low and Candy Hearts (ATL is named for an  NFG song, and Candy Hearts is on Chad's record label -- go figure).

Like many other breakthrough pop-punk acts of the early aughts, NFG had a huge amount of support in New Jersey. So when the quintet was forced to cancel the Starland Ballroom leg of their "Sticks and Stones" tour due to Hurricane Sandy, they decided that they not only owed New Jersey a show, but that they should contribute to Sandy relief efforts -- which is exactly what they did last Friday night at the Red Bull Noise Complaint showcase in Atlantic City. Check out some photos from New Found Glory's "Sticks and Stones"-themed set in Atlantic City, and please hold for a second while we wish to DEATH we had been there.

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"We had to make sure we did a 'Sticks and Stones' set in New Jersey because we owed it to the fans, especially with all the crap they had to go through [with Superstorm Sandy]," said NFG lead guitarist Chad Gilbert. "It's kind of where we broke out first in the country besides our hometown [in Florida], and we had a 'Sticks and Stones' show at Starland [Ballroom], and the hurricane came and we had to cancel the show because the venue was ruined."

Playing last Friday night with openers Man Overboard, Philly post-punk outfit the Menzingers, and NJ's own The Scandals, NFG kept their promise by rocking the EFF out of their entire "Sticks And Stones" album as well as a few newer tracks. To raise money for Hurricane Sandy restoration, NFG donated $1 for every ticket sold to Stay Strong Jersey, an organization created by underground Jersey musicians to help those affected by the storm. "We grew up in this scene," said Gilbert. "We played some of our first big shows at Wayne Firehouse and Manville Elks Lodge. New Jersey's always been our home away from home."



New Found Glory bask in their New Jersey fan base at Atlantic City's House Of Blues.

Photo credit: Christopher Vanderyajt