New Song: Rilo Kiley, 'Let Me Back In'

Listen to Rilo Kiley's new song, "Let Me Back In."

Rilo Kiley pens an ode to Los Angeles in "Let Me Back In."

Ever since West Coast indie pop staple Rilo Kiley parted ways in 2011, four solid years after releasing 2007's Under The Blacklight, we've felt like a giant piece of us was missing -- nobody fills the indie void like Jenny Lewis, OK?! (Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins, maybe, but still -- nothing replaces "August" and "With Arms Outstretched.") Well, turns out Rilo Kiley's separation was more "trial" than permanent -- perhaps you heard about their upcoming B-sides, demos, and rarities disc, rkives, out this spring?? (Um, and let's not forget Jenny's tour with the also-reunited Postal Service). So, while you wait for rkives to drop on April 2, check out the album's brand-new single (yep, new songs are afoot!), "Let Me Back In."

Listen to Rilo Kiley's "Let Me Back In" after the jump.

Accompanied by Blake Sennett's signature acoustic strums, Jenny Lewis' soaring voice is fresher, louder, and more mature than in her outfit's mopier days (somewhere after Take Offs And Landings Jenny Lewis realized she could really belt it out, and she's been doing it ever since). Stepping down from Under The Blacklight's pop music soapbox, "Let Me Back In" is a sweetly sung love letter to the band's Los Angeles hometown: "But when the palm trees bow their heads/ No matter how wrong I've been/ L.A., you always let me back in." As will Rilo Kiley fans, Jenny. And with total "It's 2003 again, AHHHHughhh!!" abandon. Now, all we need's a Modest Mouse, The Shins, Rilo Kiley, and Death Cab For Cutie super-mid-aughts-tour, and WE'LL BE SET.

+ Listen to Rilo Kiley's "Let Me Back In."

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