New Video: Tyler, The Creator, 'Domo 23' (VIDEO) (NSFW)

Tyler, The Creator goes to the wrestling ropes in his latest video "Domo 23."

Tyler, The Creator hits the wrestling mat in his latest clip for "Domo 23."

We knew the Odd Future gang were into skating, but who knew they also had a penchant for skydiving and wrestling? Both extreme sports are on full display in two new videos from crew's leader, Tyler, the Creator. In the first case, Odd Future posted Tyler's new "Domo 23" video on their website (slated to be the first single from his forthcoming album, Wolf, out April 2). Then, OFWGKTA associate L-Boy dropped (heh) a supplementary/promotional video of himself skydiving from 10,000 ft., simultaneously prompting us to "get to the store and buy that s***." "S***," in this case, being Wolf. Whatever gets our attention, right?

Watch Tyler, the Creator's "Domo 23" video after the jump.

Moving onto the wrestling side of things, "Domo 23" features Tyler's iconic brand of braggadocio and humor over a minimal, repetitive beat and hook. "While y'all rolling doobies/ I'll be in my bedroom scoring movies," he boasts. The video also finds Tyler engaged in battle with a towering opponent in the wrestling ring (with Earl Sweatshirt as the referee and Taco in the audience), which thematically makes sense, since the rap game is basically just the WWE with all of its overblown, scripted Twitter beefs now. However, through a combination of pluck and underhandedness, Tyler comes out on top in the end, all in time to go on an idyllic date in the country (and for the appearance of a Frank Ocean vocal feature at the end). All in a busy day's work for Tyler -- maybe that's why he didn't have time to jump out of the plane himself. Good thinking, 'cause that looks a lot scarier than fighting a 300-pound wrestler.

+ Watch Tyler, the Creator's "Domo 23" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Odd Future Records