New Song: The Postal Service, 'A Tattered Line Of String'

The Postal Service quicken their pace on "A Tattered Line Of String."

For a band called The Postal Service (Ben Gibbard's electronica-tinged passion project), the group hasn't been all that good at keeping in touch. It's not their fault, though -- who would've guessed that a side project founded on members sending each other tracks and notes via mail would take off with such enthusiasm? Especially when Ben had main gig Death Cab For Cutie to keep up with, as did Jenny Lewis with Rilo Kiley, and Jimmy Tamborello with Dntel. (#Musicianproblems) Now, 10 years later, The Postal Service have reunited for a few lines of post script: a Give Up reissue, headlining tour, and two brand-new songs, including "A Tattered Line Of String."

Listen to The Postal Service's "A Tattered Line Of String" after the jump.

Ben Gibbard's echoing vocals jolt "A Tattered Line Of String" (which has to be the most Ben Gibbard-y title for a song EVER) into place, and the beat only quickens from there with hopping electronic drums, scattered bloops and bleeps, and a soft, synthy overlay. Ben might also be a little, well, older than when Give Up first surfaced, but he hasn't forgotten his younger, yearning self, singing, "When we walk, we agreed/ That we will not ever speak of this night to anyone that we both knew/ Then you said/ Every time we kissed, I felt something that couldn’t exist/ And I confessed that I thought I felt it too." Then, as Jenny Lewis chimes in midway, her airy pipes get instantly tangled up in the track's whiz-bang electronic breakdown. Not a big deal, though -- die-hard Gibbard/Lewis fans will get their chance to see the former Rilo Kiley frontwoman take center stage soon enough.

Look out for The Postal Service's Give Up reissue when it drops April 9.

+ Listen to The Postal Service's "A Tattered Line Of String."

Photo credit: Sub Pop Records