Video Premiere: Diamond Youth, 'Orange'

Watch Diamond Youth's new "Orange" video.

Diamond Youth can only see the color "Orange" in their latest video.

Remember how we buzzed about Baltimore/Chicago's alt-rock quartet Diamond Youth last week? Well, now the boys are gearing up to release their upcoming Orange EP, which showcases an impressive set of Muse-meets-Foo Fighters-meets-Queens Of The Stone Age guitar-heavy rock cuts (see: "Cannonball" and "Separator"). And just a few days before releasing their identically named EP, Diamond Youth have unveiled a brand-new (and perfectly bizarre) video for their song "Orange."

Watch Diamond Youth's "Orange" video after the jump.

At the start of the clip, we're thrown into a brawling, moshy basement show (perhaps an homage to Diamond Youth's Baltimore background? We know how Baltimore loves a good basement show), where everyone, and we mean everyone is dressed in orange, including a guy crowd-surfing in an Spandex bodysuit. A nonstop onslaught of bright, citrus-colored T-shirts, sunglasses, and microphones (we bet the video's production designer had some fun on this set), anything that could possibly come in orange does. Why the orange obsession? One can only guess the answer, but we wouldn't be surprised if the theme made a comeback somewhere down the line -- it is the title of Diamond Youth's EP, after all.

Grab the Orange EP when it drops on Feb. 5.

+ Watch Diamond Youth's "Orange" video.

Photo credit: Topshelf Music