New Song: Leah LaBelle, 'Lolita'

Listen to Leah LaBelle's Pharrell-produced track "Lolita."

Leah LaBelle is the ultimate seductress in her Pharrell-produced "Lolita."

We'll pretty much do anything Pharrell tells us (sorry, but have you seen him lately? He's THE COOLEST), so if he's all like "It's time to love Leah LaBelle!" then, DUH, we totally will. But we'd probably be all up in Leah's grill even if Pharrell wasn't involved (and he IS involved with everyone these days, no?), but luckily, the production genius has stamped his vibe all over Leah's latest offering, "Lolita," which is set to appear on her long-awaited debut.

Listen to Leah LaBelle's "Lolita" after the jump.

After bursting on to the scene last summer with the slinky track "Sexify," the Season 3 "American Idol" alum is back in the game with her Pharrell-produced jam. Bumping a deep-bass disco vibe with a layer of grime, Leah seduces us, teasing, "Leave your pinstripes and your 9 to 5 in my Lolita eyes tonight/ Come on, let's dirty up your mind." We're not sure this is quite what Nabokov had in mind when he wrote his classic novel, but hey! It's always nice to see the greats reinterpreted, right? Plus, you and I both know Nabokov would have had the hots for Leah because, say it with me now: "UNDERBOOB!"

Listen to Leah LaBelle's "Lolita," and watch our exclusive Leah Labelle interview.

Photo credit: Sony