Star Spotting: Rihanna Is Determined To Outdress Everybody, Even At Rehearsals (PHOTO)

Rihanna wears a gold shirt at the rehearsal for her Diamonds World Tour.

Oh, just Rihanna looking like a goddess.

We always thought that rehearsing for a world tour meant wearing sweats, oversize T-shirts, no makeup, hair in a messy bun on top of your head, and most important, sweatING. Yet somehow Rihanna manages to remain without FLAW even while she's on her "Diamonds World Tour" rehearsal grind. And let us not forget THESE SNEAKERS. We thought it was against the laws of physics to be that jealous of someone rocking shoes to be only worn AT THE GYM, yet once again, Rihanna has succeeded in rewriting the rules of fashion. Which kinda reminds us of that one time she paired a camouflage coat with a cannabis-themed dress.

Rihanna took a quick break from rehearsing to snap a selfie of her very un-rehearsal-like ensemble (fine, she didn't actually take it herself, but she may as well have). An outfit that, once more for emphasis, happens to be a full face of perfect makeup, meticulously coiffed hair, and a shirt with WITH SEQUINS on it (doesn't that get heavy when you're dancing?). And nope, we didn't actually mean "an old white T-shirt with two-year-old ketchup stains"; we truly did mean "a stunning GOLD LAMÉ NUMBER." Then again, are you really gonna rock a plain white tee when you're gallivanting on a horse during your performance of "Diamonds"? Because Rihanna is planning on doing a live tour reenactment of that classic "horse rescue" scene from her "Diamonds" video, right?

Photo credit: @Rihanna

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